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leanGears Discovery can partner with you in the process of product discovery Check out our greatest features.

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  • Product Owner?
  • Product Manager?
  • Product Specialist?
  • Business Analyst?
  • Marketing Manager?
  • Project Manager?
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Our Features

Craft an Elevator Pitch for your Product

Identify Users

Discover every possible user who can contribute to Product Vision

Identify Product Features

Translate user activities to Product Features

Develop a Journey Map

Develop a journey map or an experience map

Create, Edit and Share Wireframes with Others

Identify demographics, user behavior relevant to identify needs

Determine Release Date or Scope

Split Features into Small User Stories

Make use of 25 different techniques to split Product features into small user stories

Product Roadmap

Develop a Product roadmap based on user needs

Identify Expiry Date

Helps you identify expiry date for each feature and manage them accordingly

Collaborate with Sponsors

Collaborate with sponsors offline/online to identify Business Value

Prioritize Product features based on ROI

Visualize Collaboration Circle

Create a dependency diagram and visualize collaboration circle

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