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Our Features

Product Envisioning

Develop Product Vision using Elevator Pitch and Vision Board.
Expand Product vision further and build a Business Model for your product.

Impact Mapping

Draw a map between your Product Vision, Product Eco System, User pain points and Product Features to help users achieve Product Vision. Build powerful impact stories/user stories that help you evangelize your Product.

Competitor Analysis

Profile your competitors, compare your product with them and build a strategy.

Product Canvas

Create a hypothesis for Problem/Solution fit; identify the features to test hypothesis and develop a Product Canvas.

User Voting

Expose your ideas to users for voting, capture user ideas and feedback, and prioritize features.

Business Value Estimation

Engage your stakeholders and let them assign Business Value for features through a collaborative game.

Persona Profiles

Build user profiles based on persona to help you in deciding UX and priorities.

User Story Mapping

Visualize Product Features as a workflow, split and organize them into releases.

Product Backlog Management

Capture details, add acceptance criteria, and attach files and comment on features.

Story Boards

Visualize product development on a Kanban Board and collaborate with the development team.

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