We Enable Entrepreneurs and Product Teams to Make this World a Better Place to Live

Our vision is to enable entrepreneurs and product teams to make this world a better place to live. At the core of every Product, there is intent to solve people’s problem.

The best way to build a product is to start with a purpose of making this world better place. Products create impact in the society by changing the way people do their jobs. If the teams that build product develop that mindset, then we would have a beautiful world.

We Build Solutions that Make Product Development Fun and Easy

We at leanGears aim to build products to make product management easy. Our products and services are meant to stimulate product thinking in every person who dreams of building a product or service.

Our Mission is to build Solutions that make product development fun and easy. We believe product development is creative work. Simple and creative solutions make huge impact on our lives. More the teams that build product enjoy their work, better the outcomes will be. We build solutions to stimulate creative minds of product developers and help them build useful products that customers love.

Our Products
Our Products Bring Imagination of Entrepreneurs and
Product Developers Alive
Startup planner makes planning a startup easy and fun. Startup Planner helps Entrepreneurs with both strategic and tactical planning. Startup Planner is like a self-incubator that gets you started with just an idea in your head to a business plan on paper and actionable tasks on visual boards.
It’s an agility platform to learn anything about product development on the go at your workplace. It comes with an e-Learning platform for instant knowledge and creative tools to apply the learning and a community to share and learn.
Customer Experience Bot is a user research bot. It’s both a chat bot and a voice bot, which can interact with your users, understand their pains and generate insights on what product features help your users. An insightful dashboard visually shows opportunities for building products from user interviews.
Product Management is a Creative Profession. Solve Real World Problems Using Our Creative Tools.
Our Culture
A Lean Organization Empowered by Passionate People
We are a flat structure with no managers and zero policies. We are driven by outcomes and team agreements. We work in shorter cycles to achieve certain outcome and we self-organize around those outcomes. Every person decides his or her role, priorities and salaries.

We work with a simple frame work of four values

Learn Continously

We have agreed to continuously learn about ourselves, our capabilities, our customers and impact of what we do or just learn something new.

Empower Yourself

We believe in power of choice. We believe power of choice motivates people, inspires them to own what they do and freedom to fail. We have No policies, No appraisal, and no approval process. Everybody makes a purchase decision required to do their job,self appraise and improve, decide their role,responsibilites and own salaries.

Adapt Easily

We are agreed to never get into sunk cost fallacy. If we learn that something is not working, adapt without hesitation.

Be Novaturient

We also believe that we should chase something that brings about powerful change in each one of us and people around us.
Our Team

Abhishek Gautam
Co-Founder & Product Developer

Jayaprakash DB
Co-Founder & Product Owner

Pravat Ranjan
Product Designer

Neil Pal
Marketing Wizard

Mohit Kumar
Co-Founder & Technology Evangelist

Apeksha Patel
Co-Founder & Product Owner

Amit Singh
Digital Marketing Mind

Motion Graphics Designer

Customer Success Officer

Satisha Venkataramaiah
Founder & Product Owner

Our Culture