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leanGears - An Agile Product Management Tool

leanGears Culture

leanGears has no hierarchy, no policies, no appraisals or anything of that sort which is beureacractic in nature. leanGears works with 4 values:

L- Learn continuously

  • Enable teams to learn about users.
  • Team members go to places where users go. Meetup, conferences, trainings etc. to learn to empathize with the users and understand their needs. Its not just  the product owner, but the whole product team learns about users and their needs.
  • Team members run experiments to learn about their capability. Teams pickup a complex problem and run a 18-hour hackathon to learn about their abilities, get insights and identify actions to improve the capability.
  • Teams are free to chose a challenge themselves either going to popular hackathons or pursue an academic program that will enhance their learnings.

E - Empower yourself

E – Empower yourself

  • There is no approval process. Everybody gets to decide whats best for the product and just do it. Team’s generally sound off their ideas with each other but they are empowered to go after their ideas even if some of the team members disagree.
  • They are empowered procure whatever they want to do their job as quickly as possible.
  • No appraisal. Team members are empowered to appraise themselves whenever they want and however they want.

A – Adapt relentlessly

  • We take vow to adapt anything quickly – be it a feature, technology or way of work.
  • We strive to reduce the cycle time to as short as possible to maximize our learning and improve our ability to adapt. We have a continuous release and cadence is 2 days.  We look at our way of working and adapt once a week.
  • We have an agreement that we should be able to use the products we build. If we feel we can’t use it, we pivot.


N – Be Novaturient being

  • We have an agreement that everybody work towards powerful change in their personal or professional life.
  • Everybody gets to work on their secret projects other than the work.
  • We have people exploring life coaching, language processing, data science, human centric design etc. They are free to spend whatever time they want to spend on their personal projects and bring it back and integrate it with work.

Social Outreach:

We believe in giving back to the society so we:
  • give our product for FREE for Social causes and upcoming startups.
  • offer mentorship to individuals who are working on a new idea.
  • sponsor meetups and conferences to enable people exchange their ideas and learn.

leanGears Alpha

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